Syneron Medical Ltd. (ELOS): Craig Drill Capital Boosts Its Stake to 5.17%

Craig Drill Capital‘s stake in Syneron Medical Ltd. (NASDAQ:ELOS) has gone up according to a new 13G filing with the SEC. Managed by Craig A. Drill, the fund’s holding of the stock stood at 160,000 Ordinary Shares at the end of the June quarter and has now climbed to 1.82 million Ordinary Shares or 5.17% of Syneron Medical’s outstanding stock.

Syneron Medical Ltd. (NASDAQ:ELOS) is a company that produces various products for the medical aesthetic industry. Since the beginning of the year, the company’s stock has lost 1.43%. In its financial report for the second quarter of 2016, Syneron Medical disclosed revenue of $74.97 million and EPS of $0.03, compared to revenue of $73.51 million, and a loss per share of $0.01 for the same period of the previous year. Recently, the company announced its preliminary financial results for the third quarter, with it announcing that revenue should reach $70 million-to-$72 million; its complete results are scheduled for release on November 9.



At the end of June, 14 smart money managers from within our database were long Syneron Medical Ltd. (NASDAQ:ELOS), same as a quarter earlier. Among the bullish investors were Richard Mashaal’s RIMA Senvest Management, which held $29.56 million worth of Syneron Medical’s shares, Conan Laughlin’s North Tide Capital, with a position valued at $26.92 million, Stephen Dubois’ Camber Capital Management, Jim Simons’ Renaissance Technologies, and Chuck Royce’s Royce & Associates.

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Ownership Summary Table

Name Sole Voting Power Shared Voting Power Sole Dispositive Power Shared Dispositive Power Aggregate Amount Owned Power Percent of Class
Craig A. Drill 0 1,822,000 0 1,822,000 1,822,000 5.17%
Craig Drill Capital 0 1,822,000 0 1,822,000 1,822,000 5.17%
Craig Drill Capital 0 1,280,600 0 1,280,600 1,280,600 3.63%
Craig Drill Capital II 0 541,400 0 541,400 541,400 1.53%

Craig A. Drill
Craig A. Drill
Craig Drill Capital

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Under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
(Amendment No.)*
Syneron Medical Ltd.
(Name of Issuer)
Ordinary Shares, par value NIS 0.01Per Share
(Title of Class of Securities)
(CUSIP Number)
October 17, 2016
(Date of Event Which Requires Filing of this Statement)
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