Steven Cohen Takes a Big Position in Arrowhead Research

SAC Capital, Cohen, Arrowhead Research: Steven Cohen‘s SAC Capital just disclosed a 5.2% passive stake in Arrowhead Research Corp (NASDAQ:ARWR), a bio-therapeutics company that specializes in nanomedicine.


Generally speaking, Cohen and SAC like small pharmaceutical companies. Amid the negative headlines that his insider trading trial is drawing (he’s even selling some of his art!), it appears that Cohen and his team are still doing work to find undervalued investment opportunities in the small-cap space.

As mentioned above, Arrowhead Research specializes in nanomedicine, and from its business description, it focuses on “products at the interface of biology and nano-engineering to cure disease and improve human health.” More specifically, Arrowhead focuses on therapeutic products that can be used to battle various cancers and obesity, and specific types of its nanomedicines can be used to regenerate tissue.

Within the company’s asset portfolio, RNA-gene silencing treatment is also in development.

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