Steve Ballmer Crazy About Microsoft

Steve Ballmer crazy about Microsoft: Current Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer is set to step down from his post within the next year. While there is a lot of speculation as to who will be the next CEO (Stephen Elop, anyone?), we don’t want to stop paying attention to Ballmer and what he has to say. After all, he has done a lot of good for MSFT during his time in charge.

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During his last appearance at a company analyst gathering, Ballmer spoke about his time with the company as well as what the future holds.

While this may be the last time Ballmer takes the stage at an annual financial analyst meeting, his words are going to live on for a long time.

This one quote says it all: “We’ve built a heck of a good company.”

Not only is Ballmer proud of what he has done for the company, he feels very good about what the company has done for investors over the past couple of years.

While Steve Ballmer is best known as the CEO of Microsoft, we don’t want to overlook the fact that he is also a big investor in the company. Just how big? Well, this excerpt from his discussion may open your eyes:

“I want to talk as an investor. After I retire I’m just a guy that owns 4 percent of Microsoft, and that’s about 65, 70 percent of what I’ve ever owned. I think I’ve sold five times in my life and bought once, and I hold on and treasure my Microsoft stock. I know some of you wonder if I treasure it like a crazy founder who can’t let go. I treasure it as an investor, too. I’m a believer in Microsoft.”

This is why Ballmer was the perfect fit for the position of CEO of Microsoft. He cared about every last detail, from the company’s success in the gaming market to its investors and everything in between.

Let’s put it this way: Microsoft has some big shoes to fill when Ballmer finally hangs it up for good in the near future.

Are you heavily invested in Microsoft? Do you feel that CEO Steve Ballmer has done a great job over the years? Are you worried that the next person in charge won’t be able to live up to expectations? Does it make sense to call Steve Ballmer crazy about his company?

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