Sony Corp (ADR) (SNE): Focus To Be On Restructuring Results

Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) CEO, Kazuo Hirai, is to give a keynote address on the company’s long-term prospects that will shed more light on the roadmap the company intends to follow, after carrying out a  number of restructurings. During an interview on CNBC, Macquarie Securities, Damian Thong, reiterated that the giant electronic company could try to guide a profit of up to 500 million yen for the next two years.

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A profit estimate of 500 million Yen according to the analyst will be the biggest ever guided by Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE). Banking on the success image sensor business and play station, which continue to enjoy a stronger competitive advantage.

“I think the investors are very much looking forward to the results of what has been three years of sustained restructuring efforts. More recently obviously linked to the new CFO Mr. Kenichiro Yoshida. Two of the highlights I think one is a retarget which I think they will set again for the first time after two years at 10%,” said Mr. Thong

Further job cuts could be in the offing according to the analyst as Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) moves to streamline its business operations in an effort of improving on margins and slashing expenses on some of its key operations. Sony is also expected to reiterate its effort of focusing more on its  fast growing business that are expected to offset declines in some of its business that continue to suffer from immense competition.

Image sensors is one of the frontiers that Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) is expected to shed more light on at the key address speech seen as one of the areas that could offer growth synergies going forward. The fact that image sensors are extensively being used in cars and smartphones means growth opportunities in the space remain endless for the giant electronics company.

“Image sensors they are already a leader in smartphones largely because of their penetration of the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone family. One thing is that the business alone could account for as much as a fifth of their profits in two years or more. Infect I think it is on track to account for 40-50% of profits next year,” said Mr. Thong.

The analyst does not expect Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) to amputate any of its struggling units but essentially focus more on generating value from the sale of more electronic products going forward. Sony’s smartphone business has been struggling for some time amidst stiff competition from cheap Chinese phones awaiting to see how the company plans to address this challenges.

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