Sensus Healthcare Inc (SRTS) Expanding Markets For Painless, Cost-Effective Skin Cancer Treatment

By Jutta Schulze

Sensus Healthcare Inc (NASDAQ:SRTS) is a medical device company that develops a unique, low-dose photon radio therapy, known as superficial radiation therapy (SRT), used to treat skin cancer and keloids. The FDA-approved method is non-invasive, painless, and highly effective for a certain type of carcinoma that accounts for approximately 98% of skin cancers.

Patients receive various sessions of treatments that last only about 40 seconds each. The treatment involves no cutting, anesthesia, nor scars, thus allowing medical professionals to offer their patients a painless alternative to traditional carcinoma removal methods.

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Sensus Healthcare Inc (NASDAQ:SRTS) CEO Joseph Sardano says that the company is pursuing continuous growth by “expanding [the company’s] markets into other parts of the world” as well as increasing sales efforts to market their products in new regions of the US, in order to become “more of a national and international company”. Sardano says he expects the number of employees in his company to almost double by the end of this year.

Important target markets outside of the United States include China, as well as numerous African and Latin American countries. With regards to Europe, Sensus Healthcare’s medical devices are currently being marketed and are awaiting approval by respective regulatory organizations in 12 countries.

Recent studies suggest that over 6 million people per year will have to be treated for skin cancer by 2020, which represents about $8.1 billion in healthcare costs. Sensus Healthcare Inc (NASDAQ:SRTS)’s cost-efficient alternative to regular treatments not only improves patient comfort, but also reduces the strain on the healthcare system as a whole.

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