SELFLLERY Converts Likes into Cryptocurrency

Nowadays digital photography occupies not the last place in the life of a modern human. This is due to the trend towards social networks whose users basically try to present themselves in a better light with the help of visual content. It’s amazing how much time and labor it takes to make a unique photo of yourself, your family, friends, animals and other things. And also how much patience is required to wait for the desired number of likes?

However, what value does it have, if the multi-billion profit goes to the shareholders of these very networks, while their users don’t get anything? This way of relationships has nothing to do with honesty. However, it doesn’t really matter, since the multi-functional platform SELFLLERY,  TGE of which will start on the 5th of March, 2018, will soon be launched.

SELFLLERY is a platform designed to solve problems related to the monetization of visual content, as well as provide an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency for one’s own photos and videos.

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The basics of using the platform is quite simple. First and foremost, you need content that would be of great interest to other users which will be expressed in the form of likes. The more likes – the more YOU tokens (intra-platform currency). It is possible to increase the amount  of tokens with the help of the accrual coefficient, which directly depends on the total number of likes, comments, participation in photo contests, positions in top-rankings and so on. Thus, the platform provides for fair rewards for social activity.

Converting likes into cryptocurrency is not the only way to earn on the platform. Tokens are also awarded to participants of advertising campaigns, photo contests and photo quests. The earned tokens can be donated to charity, spent on purchases of goods and services in the marketplace, and also transferred to the Etherium wallet.

SELFLLERY is focusing on charity. For this purpose the platform will deduct contributions to various charities in the amount of 10%. Users will be able to independently set the percentage of deductions (from 5 to 100%), to children who have suffered from natural disasters, education, medicine, animals and to whoever they want to. If the user doesn’t want to do his share in helping those in need, it’s his business, since the use of this module is voluntary.

Due to the blockchain technology, every volunteer can be sure that the money sent by him to the charity organization will be accurately delivered and not intercepted by third parties.

You can start using the MVP version of SELFLLERY right now by downloading the Android application from the Play Store. The application will be available for iOS devices approximately in early March.

Join SELFLLERY via the link:




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