Saber Capital 2017 Investor Letter

Saber Capital recently published its 2017 investor letter discussing the investment firm’s performance during the last year – you can download a copy of the letter below. The firm reported gaining 30.7% (or 25.3% net of all fees) for 2017, while the S&P 500 moved up 21.8% over the same period.

Saber Capital’s three biggest drivers of the performance were Apple, Verisign, and Tencent. These stocks gained 46%, 50%, and 114% in 2017, respectively – and these stocks collectively represented about half of the Saber Capital’s portfolio during most of the year.

“Markets have been volatile recently. I have been more active with making actual investment decisions in the past couple weeks than I was for all of 2017. I am excited about the prospects for the companies we own, and despite the unusually high number of large cap stocks, I believe the portfolio is primed to do very well over the coming years, both in absolute terms and relative to the general market. I’m also excited about a few new ideas, which I continue to evaluate, and which may show up in the portfolio soon. Recent investments made in January and February will be discussed in future letters, but in the meantime, feel free to reach out anytime with any questions. Our business grew nicely in 2017, and I feel extremely lucky to have such a like-minded group of long-term investors who trust my judgment and believe in our approach to investing,” John Huber, the managing member and portfolio manager of Saber Capital, said in the letter.

You can download a copy of the letter here.