Rethinking Apps for Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s Watch

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Watch is not available in the market yet but developers are rethinking their current apps to fit in the small screen of the watch, they will have a more minimalistic approach, as reported on CNET.

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Understanding that the size of the screen has some limitations when it comes to the apps that can be on it is key to developing specifically for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s watch. Developers are now redesigning their apps by incorporating features, rethinking the design scheme to minimize the digging through menus for the watch so that it can offer its users a simplified experience.

The apps for the watch are basically an extension of the main apps on the users’ iPhones so that it can provide quick notifications with limited abilities. The key do far has been simplicity and there are very few things you can do in the watch that you can’t with the iPhone. But features that were created specifically for the watch will be trickling to the iPhone.

BetterWorks, for example is an app that allows you to set goals at work, monitor progress and keep others in the loop. The company has been working hard to make its best product for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s watch and thanks to that the company will update the iPhone app which will include some animations and new ways to present data like it has never been before. Instead of showing a long list of goals, the app will now have a more minimalistic approach.

“It’s a small design thing, but it’s pushing us to think about ways to make information more concise, actionable and more easily consumed,” said the company’s CEO Kris Duggan. “We probably wouldn’t have been forced to make those hard decisions without the watch form factor.”

Another company that has been rethinking it’s app design and functionality to fit the watch is American Airlines. For the watch, they have included a feature called “Travel Cue” that includes a countdown to flights and show any other relevant information. The company is changing the display in the iPhone to enable the “Travel Cue” in the iPhone.

“It’s really just finding ways to ease that customer experience. It’s all about the right information at the right time,” said American Airlines’ director of mobile and online strategy, Kevin MacFarland.

Other companies that are making some tweaks or redesigning its apps include CNN, Starwood Hotels Group, Trivia Crack, Evernote, Expedia and Citi.

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