Real Estate Expert Tom John Light reveals 3 secrets behind the success of FTV Residences

5 continents, 200 countries, 2000 cable systems, 500 million admirers; this globetrotting, Buddhist quoting, loveable international real estate expert, Tom John Light revealed 3 secrets behind the success of FTV Branded Residencies – the epitome of luxury and stylish living.

Thinking outside the box and manifesting quirky ideas that leave even the top names in the fashion industry speechless are just some of the many reasons this brand has been so successful. In a recent conversation, Tom revealed three secrets behind the success and popularity of the FTV branded residences.

Tom John Light

Q: Hello Tom, please share what differentiates FTV Residences from other real estate players?

A: FTV residencies cater to an upmarket rich and famous clientele with very few competitors attempting to infiltrate the market; they offer eco-friendly alternatives while increasing aesthetic appeal. 

Q: FTV Residences has a global presence, which is your pet project?

A: The Fashion Diamond Cabanas project currently being penned in Bali is truly unique, never been done or seen before concept. The diamond itself, which is the building’s outer shell, has to be seen to be believed; amongst its vast jaw-dropping features is a zero percent energy consumption design.  

Q: What are some of the distinct features of FTV Residences? 

A: The project currently being undertaken in India is awe-inspiring; featuring the signature diamond right at the entrance, double-height lobbies, designer elevators, a fully-loaded clubhouse, grand swimming pool, and an exclusive sky lounge overlooking the world-famous Buddh International Grand Prix racetrack; which means you can watch the racing while sitting at the breakfast bar.  

Q: Tell us more about FTV Residences.

A: Other buildings splashed with brilliance include: The Schumacher Tower, The Armani Tower, The Trump Tower, and The Porsche Tower, which includes a unique car parking system; drivers ride up to the elevator in their car and are transported into their own personal garage adjacent to their own apartment. The building has three elevators to take cars to their personal garages and cost roughly $560 million to build. 

Having satisfied the artistic side of the package, the human calculators only concerned with facts and figures must surely be considering how all this indulgence accomplishes balancing the books? Consider this below:

  • The FTV brand will help the property sell quicker.
  • The FTV brand will increase the value of the real estate, which, in turn, allows developers to acquire prime locations.
  • Each location mixes high-end living with mental wellness.

Q: What is your driving force?

A: I work with love and passion, and my team shares the same passion for creating LOVE through design, always ready to showcase their vast talents to a world desperate to lower carbon footprint without forgoing luxury.