Ready! Steady! Go & Take Photos — Make Money!

SELFLLERY is a visual content-rewarding platform on Blockchain. On SELFLLERY a user automatically gets rewards for each like or comment in cryptocurrency YOU token which is based on Ethereum blockchain. YOU tokens can be transferred to Ethereum wallet and managed as wished. Blockchain technology ensures complete security and transparency of all transactions on the platform.

On the 5th of March 2018 at 12.00 (UTC +03:00) SELFLLERY starts YOU tokens sale at TGE.SELFLLERY.COM. In the first 48 hours of ICO tokens are being sold with 5% bonus.

Moving forward with seven league steps is definitely SELFLLERY’s kind of thing – and it is more than an unfounded claim.

The formal start of the project, when the general idea and the product concept was outlined, dates back to Q1 of 2016. From that very point, there had only been a 3-month waiting period before releases of Alpha versions of WEB and Android applications of SELFLLERY. Application for iOS is about to be released in the nearest hours.

To-date, given that we successfully switched to Beta a year ago, SELFLLERY counts 6,194 users and 22,424 photos uploaded already. By the way, SELFLLERY now holds as many as 6,210 comments, which are rewarded by YOU tokens as well as photos themselves.

As for the content itself, which is of course the king, there is already a rather broad range of genres presented on SELFLLERY including photographs of picturesque scenery, the urban, pets and wild animals. And, for sure, people, inclusive of selfies we cannot do without.

Bloggers, who keep SELFLLERY activated, shoot photos in various style from something quite naturalistic to 100% art implicating sophisticated editing. There exists a handy rating system that is already on to help you quickly see the bloggers’ popularity according to the gained number of likes.

What may seem striking, the project’s CEO Vadim Onishchenko has exposed his works, too. As a reminder, he is a professional photographer with more than 10 years of experience, with wild animals from around the globe as his specialty.

In case that you need some more figures, SELFLLERY has already sold 1,100,000 YOU tokens during 3 rounds of our Pre-sale and is expecting to raise at least 10 times more during TGE, which is right around the corner.

Good news for those who have joined the Whitelist already or buys YOU tokens within the first 48 hours of ICO (till 7th of March 2018) — you will gain 5% bonus to purchase.

Token Generation Event:

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