Phillips Edison – Arc: Directors Are Active In This REIT

Phillips Edison – Arc: Last Monday, Robert Mark Addy, Co-President and Coo at Phillips Edison – Arc Shopping Center REIT Inc (non-traded), acquired in the open market 2,777.78 shares of common stock, at a price of $9, for a total transaction worth about $25,000. The latest transaction has taken Mr. Addy’s holding to a total of 11,832.92 shares of common stock, 721.80 of which have been acquired through the dividend reinvestment plan. The capital investment made by Mr. Addy is estimated to amount to $106,496.

Phillips Edison - Arc Shopping Center REIT Inc.

Throughout the current year, and according to our records, Mr. Addy has completed three transactions, all for the same quantity of shares. Mr. Addy has not been alone though. Jeffrey Edison, Chairman of the Board and CEO, has been more active and has completed five transactions through the year. Mr. Edison made his last acquisition on September 30, 2013 for 19,000 shares of common stock, and currently holds a total of 110,528 shares, for a capital investment worth $994,752.

Co-Chairman of the Board, Michael Phillips, has registered five purchases throughout this year. After a sale of 55,556 shares of common stock in February, Mr. Phillips began an aggressive purchasing spree, buying always in excess of 10,000 shares. The last purchase, dated August 29 of the current year, amounted to 20,000 shares. Currently, Mr. Phillips holds a total of 91,529 shares for an estimated capital investment worth $823,761.

Lastly, Ronald Kirk, Director, has accompanied Mr. Addy, Mr. Edison, and Mr. Phillips. Mr. Kirk has registered a total of six transactions through the current year, taking his holding to a total of 74,833 shares of common stock or a capital investment worth $673,497. Although the last transaction, completed on September 25th, amounted to 944 shares, Mr. Kirk has registered acquisitions for over 30,000 shares at a time.

Disclosure: Jodor Jalit holds no position in any of the mentioned stocks.

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