Philip Morris International Inc. (PM) & Growth Opportunity In a Flat Economy

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I really think Costco’s success in the retail sector can’t be overstated. No business in recent times has created these kinds of headwinds against established retail giants such as Wal-Mart and Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT). In fact, most have done the opposite–closed their doors for good.

And as I always enjoy highlighting that Costco offers a dividend at 1% with continued anticipated growth in the retail sector. Therefore, based upon projected business trends, continuing tough times and positive managerial leadership, Costco represents a true gem for the right investor. In sum, investing in Costco bears serious consideration for the (above-stated) reasons as part of a well diversified portfolio.

Choose carefully

Although the following stocks offer value in the market, each should be approached with caution, and due diligence should be performed prior to, during, and after investing in each of them. While none is the silver bullet to a successful portfolio, some are right for some investors, while separate value exists outside these three companies. By realizing the key difference between speculation and long-term value investing, investors will become better equipped to initiate more attractive strategic positions in the market.

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