Paul Tudor Jones Played A Role in Ouster of UVA’s President

TUDOR INVESTMENT CORPUniversity of Virginia’s president Terry Sullivan was ousted recently and it is been claimed that billionaires Peter Kiernan and Paul Tudor Jones played a role in her ouster. Paul Tudor Jones also penned an op-ed piece to express his opinions on the matter. Here is a section from his article:

The recent resignation of President Terry Sullivan from the University of Virginia has created a great deal of uncertainty in the Virginia community. Change is never easy and often quite messy. But here is one thing on which you can rely. The spirit of Thomas Jefferson, the first rector of the University of Virginia, is cheering this bold action by the Board of Visitors. Jefferson was a change agent, a man of action and a perfectionist. To paraphrase him, it is time for a revolution.

President Sullivan’s departure is a clarion call from the Board of Visitors that business as usual is not acceptable anymore. Why be good when there is outstanding to be had? Last weekend’s announcement was about a lot more than just President Sullivan, a good woman who was a good steward during her tenure. It was a message to each and every stakeholder in the university community, whether student, faculty member or alumnus, that change must come.

Here is a detailed article that describes Peter Kiernan’s role. Paul Tudor Jones studied at UVA between 1972 and 1976.