Nigerian Culture of the Smartphone: Who’s Going to Win the Battle?

Nigerian culture of the smartphone: When you think of the largest smartphone markets in the world, it is safe to assume that Nigeria does not come to mind. Although it may not be one of the biggest markets, it is picking up steam with each passing year. For this reason, a growing number of companies are hoping to get in on the action.

Nigeria Smartphone Sales: Who’s Going to Win the Battle?

Nigeria smartphone sales are well worth keeping an eye on over the next year, with Huawei Technologies C, the largest networking-equipment manufacturer in China, pushing to take the lead by doubling sales in this country by the end of the year.

While the competition will continue to grow, Huawei is relying on its Ascend P6 device, known as the world’s slimmest phone, to compete with all comers.

Tony Liang, managing director of the Huawei ‘s consumer business group, claims that it will sell 200,000 smartphones in Nigeria by the end of the year. That number may not sound large, but it is twice as many phones as the company sold in the country last year.

He went on to add, “With Nigeria developing economically, smartphone use will boom over the next five years.”

That pretty much sales it all. That one quote shows why Huawei, among many other companies, are looking to become more competitive in this emerging market.

Despite the fact that Huawei has a leg up on the competition, thanks to the fact that it is a network provider to the majority of phone companies in the area, there are others who are pushing back with hopes of making up ground.

Huawei’s primary competition at this point in time includes Tecno Telecom Ltd., Samsung, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), and BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY).

As you can see, Huawei is doing big things in terms of Nigeria smartphone sales but it is not the only company aware of what this market has to offer. There are many others hoping to take advantage of increasing sales in Nigeria, including both BlackBerry and Apple.

In the quarters to come, we will be keeping a close watch on Nigeria smartphone sales to see how much of an increase is taking place as well as which companies are moving to the forefront.

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