New Surface Tablet Coming Soon

New surface tablet: Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) wants nothing more than to be able to compete in the tablet market. While the company continues to lag behind the competition, such as the iPad, it is not due to a lack of effort.

New Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Surface Tablets Coming Soon

In fact, a new Microsoft Surface tablet is expected to be announced by the company in the near future. Included will be a device with a smaller screen that is set to compete directly with the iPad mini as well as the Nexus 7.

According to a piece published by National Public Radio, the company has an event scheduled for today to discuss its new Surface tablets.

In addition to the use of Windows 8.1, there are many other reasons why consumers should get excited about what the company is bringing to the market.

These tablets are expected to be both thinner and lighter, thanks to the fact that the processing ship is going to use less energy. Along with this, the new Surface devices will not require a fan.

Is there any hope for MSFT in the tablet market? Some say yes, while others feel that the new Surface tablets will die a slow death.

Microsoft began selling its first generation Surface tablets in October of 2012, however, sales have been anything but exciting. According to IDC, the company only shipped roughly one million units during the first three months. By the first quarter of 2013, things got even worse and Microsoft was not even holding onto two percent of the tablet market.

Although its initial foray into the tablet market was a bust, you have to give Microsoft credit for coming back a second time. The company truly believes they have something with its Surface tablets, and has no intentions of giving up.

At this point, all we can do is wait for the official announcement from Microsoft on what its new Surface tablets will offer. From there, the real fun begins. Once the new tablets hit the market, we will be able to see how it is performing against the likes of the iPad and Nexus 7.

With personal computer sales declining, Microsoft needs to get on track with its tablet devices.

These hedge fund managers are hoping for big things from the new Surface tablets: William Duhamel, James Litinsky, Jeffrey Ubben, Kelly Cardwell, and Sandy Nairn. Check back here for updates on the new Surface tablet.

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