Musician Rioma Shares 5 Tips to Build a Successful Career in the Music Industry

For every successful artist who makes it in the music business, millions fail to even get their foot in the door. The music industry is notoriously tough to break into, with companies such as Sony and EMI receiving an avalanche of demos from would-be-hopefuls every day.

Mario Joseph Jacovino, AKA Rioma, knows all about knocking on doors and making a name for himself in the music scene. He’s already basked in the glory of a number one single with his song, ‘Better Off,’ making him a name to watch out for sure. It’s been far from plain sailing for Rioma, but he’s more than happy to share tips on building a successful music career.


Q: Hello, Rioma, you’ve been passionate about music since high-school. You’ve gone on record saying it ‘defines you as a person,’ but what would be the most important advice you’d give to anyone starting out? 

A: Develop a thick skin and fast (laughs). Seriously, you’re going to experience a lot of rejection before you strike gold. You need to have a strong mental attitude to deal with that and heaps of perseverance. Remember, even The Beatles were turned down by four record companies before someone took a chance with them. 

Q: So you’ve got the ambition and determination to make it, what next? 

A: Build your brand and know your market. You need a strong identity and selling point to make it in what is an incredibly competitive marketplace. Be authentic and true to yourself, and believe in your music.

Q: You’ve talked a lot about learning from others in the music industry, would that be one of your top tips? 

A: Absolutely! Having a mentor can make a massive difference. You can benefit immensely from someone who has been there before you and knows the ropes. Having a good manager and being friends with experienced artists is a definite learning curve. 

Q: You also advise aspiring musicians to be flexible. Can you elaborate?

A: Sure. The music industry is continuously evolving, and you’ve got to stay nimble and be prepared to move with it. Don’t get stuck in your ways. 

Q: Thanks, Rioma, it’s been a real pleasure. Any last tips?

A: Never lose your passion for music, no matter what. This business can be pretty unforgiving, but when fans tell you what your music means to them, it makes it all worth it.