Mohamed BDJ on being a motivator and leader in 2020

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

New York, October 6, 2020 (INSIDER MONKEY WIRE)– Not everyone is born to lead. The path of a leader is filled with unspeakable challenges and burdens. Those who lead and inspire are men of extreme mettle and courage. It takes guts to bring in the glory.

Motivating in 2020 is a whole different story. People’s lives have shifted towards social media. It is the place where leaders can influence people. Mohamed BDJ who is a 22 year old entrepreneur and motivational speaker speaks on how to be an influencer in 2020.

Transparency of information

Leaders or influencers in this digital age must stick to the transparency of information. Now when mostly every little detail is available online, it is easy to get informed. Mohamed encourages influencers to have transparency of information in the industry. As leaders it is essential to live by a code, and transparency of information should be a part of it. There should be transparency between the leader and the followers, the leader and the students, the leader and other leaders, and the leader and any clients.

Speak your mind

In 2020 leaders influencers need to speak their minds. While most of them are looking for diplomacy that is not the answer. Mohamed believes it is the duty of influencers as leaders to use their voice for the greater good. “To say it for what it is”, is an attitude very few leaders have. Mohamed supports this quality. However, speaking your mind does not mean being rude and disrespectful to people always. Mohamed supports calling a spade a spade. But uphold your dignity in the process.

Set boundaries

Interacting with followers, fans and even workers can get pretty overwhelming for a leader. A leader must be intuitive enough to know when the followers have respected you and when they have crossed a line. Mohamed says that successful influencers in this industry know how to define limits in their team. Working as a happy big family is alright, but there are standards in business and everyone must stick to it.

Keep Recharging

Being a leader in 2020 means you have to be accountable for a lot of things. People look up to you for information, inspiration,  advice, guidance and support. Mohamed shares that while giving it away, do not forget to recharge yourself. Being an influencer may look glamorous. But it is a tough call of duty, that demands mad hustle. So Mohamed BDJ asks aspiring influencers to take time for themselves as well.

Adapt and Overcome

The thing about being a leader is you set the trend. So, you have to be the first one in the room to sense the change. The role of an influencer is to identify the incoming change, adapt according to it, and to teach others how to overcome it. Mohamed says -” To achieve them, you have to change your mind, transform your perception of reality, adapt your focus, be willing to sacrifice your current comfort.”

Leaders in 2020 can’t become successful with a narrow mindset, they have to delete limiting beliefs and change their paradigm. Mohamed has learnt his lessons in the past years, and he speaks through his experience on how to be a relevant leader and influencer in this age.