Surface Pro at Best Buy: Microsoft Surface Pro Hits Best Buy Website

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Surface Pro at Best Buy: The Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Surface Pro is set to go on sale February 9, 2013. While sales of similar devices have been disappointing, such as the Surface RT tablet, the tech giant is hoping for bigger and better things when Saturday rolls around.

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)The Surface Pro was first made available on the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) official website. While this was to be expected, the tablet has now appeared on Best Buy’s website as well.

Does this bode well for early sales of the Surface Pro? While there is no way of knowing for sure, it cannot hurt.

According to an article by CNET, Best Buy is already “boasting that the new Microsoft tablet will go on sale at midnight February 8 at a store in Union Square in New York City.”

At this time, Best Buy is listing two models for sale. These includes a 64GB Surface Pro for $899 and a 128GB tablet for $999. It is important to note that these do not include the Type Cover, which is the $129 keyboard that sets the tablet apart from the competition. It will be interesting to see if this add-on negatively impacts sales.

Here is more information from the same CNET piece:

“The tablet comes with 4GB of memory and an Intel “Ivy Bridge” processor. Combine those two features with the 128GB solid-state drive, and you have an ultrabook in tablet’s clothing.”

“Which means better performance in Windows 8 desktop mode than the existing Surface RT tablet, though battery life will suffer because of the more power-hungry processor.”

Even though the tablet has yet to hit the market, there are already complaints from many consumers due to a misconception regarding its storage space.

Here is what we had to say last week:

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