Surface Pro Launch Event: Microsoft Cancels Surface Pro Launch Event, Will it Matter?

Surface Pro Launch Event: Although Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) was keeping the launch event related to its new Surface Pro tablet relatively low key, many people were getting excited for it. Unfortunately, there is no turning back Mother Nature when she is in a bad mood.

The event, expected to take place tonight in New York City, has been cancelled due to inclement weather moving into the Big Apple.

Steve BallmerTime and time again, things just don’t go right for the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Surface Pro. Since its announcement, critics have taken aim for one reason or the next.

For example, we brought you this story just a few days ago: Has Microsoft Corporation Solved the Surface Pro Battery Life Issue?

Despite the fact that the official launch event has been cancelled, those who had plans to attend and are willing to brave the elements can still turn out at the Union Square New York Best Buy store at midnight. By doing so, the chance to purchase a Surface Pro is what you will get.

ZDNet chimed in with some more information on the cancellation:

“Microsoft had invited a number of Most Valuable Professionals and other selected guests to attend a pre-launch event near the Best Buy store. The head of the Surface team, Panos Panay, was going to be in attendance. Panay tweeted on February 7 that bad weather was going to keep him away.”

Although the launch event near the Best Buy Store is no longer taking place, the author of the ZDNet article has confirmed that the Surface Pro is still set to hit store shelves at midnight.

Here is some additional information from the article:

“Microsoft’s launch of its Intel-based Surface Pro was planned to be a lot more low-key than the Surface RT launch on October 25/26. Microsoft’s now-closed Times Square pop-up Microsoft Store was the location for the Surface RT launch. Microsoft ended up not taking any pre-orders for the Surface Pro, unlike the case with the Surface RT.”

Do you think the cancellation of the launch event will hinder Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Surface Pro sales?

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