Michael Dallas-Petersen’s 5 Pillars to Infinite Growth: The Secret Sauce

New York, October 7, 2020 (INSIDER MONKEY WIRE)– Nearly all businesses, regardless of size, have encountered problems at one point in their life cycle. While this can be caused by a number of different reasons, everyone almost always seems to identify the wrong problem. According to Michael Dallas-Petersen, 9 out of 10 times lead generation is usually the problem. Other likely problems include product or service positioning, lack of authority and in some cases you likely have an offer problem. These problems may cause your product or service to come off as a turn off to your target audience, or make them feel uncomfortable, or to think that you suck. As a result, this would cause limiting beliefs about selling.

But what really is a lead generation problem? A lead generation problem is usually an authority, offer or a messaging problem. A sales problem on the other hand is often-times a lead generation problem, messaging, offer, or authority problem. You may sometimes think that your problem is one thing when it is, in fact, quite the opposite. This is where you find yourself in a pickle and for you to get out of it, the first thing you’ll need is to be aware of your situation. Think of it like wanting to bake an amazing mouth-watering chocolate cake, without the recipe to follow you might not get the desired result.

How do you go about it? Like Michael Dallas-Petersen aptly puts it, when baking a cake, the first step is to mix a good batter. In the case of your sales or business, this is your actual authority. For instance, are you considered an online expert from your digital footprint? Your digital footprint includes your social media presence, following, articles, interviews, podcasts, speaking events, and testimonials among others. Your digital footprint helps to establish social proof and trust. The louder your digital footprint, the less time you will spend trying to convey to your audience that you’re an expert or that you’re the real deal. This means that more time can then be spent on your messaging, which is the second step of the cake-mixing process.

How do you package your message? Here you’ll have to do a deep dive research on your target audience’s desires and pain points. You will then tailor your message using their exact language through your social media content, articles, interviews, landing pages, email marketing and other content pieces, including advertisements and video sales letters (VSLS).

The third step is lead generation where Michael Dallas-Petersen recommends a combination of paid and organic leads. He ideally advises that you start with organic leads for the simple reason that through them you can test if your offer is actually proven. What’s more, you will also be able to get market feedback and prevent yourself from getting your wallet robbed by the Facebook mob trying to figure out ads. Once you have mastered this yourself you can then delegate to a virtual assistant and take pride in having achieved business automation growth. At this point you can let it rip if your offer is proven, then you can go on to run those paid ads and fill up those calendars.

The fourth step is the most important part of the business- the SALES, getting people to buy into your offer or service. You should not use those copycat or cookie cut scripts. Why not? Because most of those scripts, sales patterns or language are very vanilla and therefore lack oomph. They mostly sound the same and in using them you end up putting your clients into a resistant state where they don’t want to buy. Think of it like going up to a lady at a bar and asking to buy her a drink. She’s likely heard that one before 1000 times, most likely with the exact same script. The tough part about baking a cake is making sure that all the ingredients and steps are perfect otherwise it’s toast.  Same goes for your business. You should understand your market again and learn how to reword your script to sound different or leverage your target audience.

The fifth step is scaling up. This includes a combination of systems, automations, software, hiring more virtual assistants, running even more paid ads, adding account managers and more operational pieces to the table. At this point you have your cake recipe ready and you can go on to bake that mouth-watering cake, or in this case, scale your business the correct way by following Michael Dallas-Petersen’s 5 pillars to infinite growth. Remember that with the correct ingredients mixed in the right sequence and in the right amounts, you will have yourself the recipe for success.