Melvin Capital’s Top 5 Stock Holdings

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Below are Melvin Capital’s top 5 stock holdings. For a comprehensive list please see Melvin Capital’s Top 10 Stock Holdings.

5. L Brands, Inc. (NYSE: LB)

Gabriel Plotkin is bullish on L Brands (NYSE: LB) since the beginning of this year and the hedge fund has benefited from its big bet. Shares of woman’s specialty retailer rose 107% in the last twelve months. LB is Melvin’s fifth-largest stock holding, accounting for 3.82% of the portfolio.

L Brands’ stock price rally is backed by strong revenue growth. The company has generated 14% year over year revenue growth in the September quarter. Andrew Meslow, Chief Executive Officer of L Brands, stated “L Brands reported a record third quarter, driven by exceptional results and continued strength at Bath & Body Works, and a significant improvement in performance at Victoria’s Secret.”

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