Mastercard and vcita Launch ‘Business Unusual’ App for SMEs Going Digital

Small business owners seeking a helping hand with going digital have found one in Business Unusual. The platform, developed by CRM software company vcita in partnership with Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE:MA), serves as a ‘digital starter pack’ for small companies that are moving to a web-first model. Tips, tricks, and tools are bundled into the SME hub, which combines educational resources with software for automating everyday tasks from invoicing to marketing.

The effects of Covid-19 have forced businesses to react in order to remain viable in a world that has drastically changed in a matter of months. SMEs that have previously relied on manual processes and physical premises are finding that much of their business can be repurposed for a digital world, in which the first – and often last – point of contact occurs online. Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE:MA) and vcita’s new platform taps into this trend, and lays on a suite of services that are free to SMEs for the first three months.

“We are delighted to announce this new partnership with vcita that will enable micro and small business owners to drive efficiency into their businesses at such a critical time,” said Marcus O’Toole, Vice President, Head of Small Business Segment at Mastercard (NYSE: MA) Europe.

“By partnering with vcita to launch “Business Unusual” we are delivering real help for small businesses as they build digital first capabilities into their operations. When small businesses suffer, local economies suffer and Mastercard (NYSE: MA) is pleased to be supporting these important pillars of our communities in a meaningful way.”

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Mastercard Extends an Invitation to SMEs

Business Unusual arrives days after Mastercard (NYSE: MA) pledged $250 million to help small businesses get back on their feet. Its latest venture with vcita provides a practical manifestation of the way in which SMEs can be helped to readjust. The Business Unusual platform bundles tools for:

  • Client management
  • Billing
  • E-invoicing
  • Online scheduling
  • Email marketing

An education and learning platform completes the package. Lessons explore topics such as “Assess today, plan for tomorrow” and “Keep my clients close,” which reveals how to remain connected in a time of social distancing. As Adi Engel, CBDO of vcita, explains: “[Mastercard] share our strong belief that by working together we can help businesses who are the backbone of our economies emerge on the other side stronger, with a solid foundation for success.”

Mastercard (NYSE: MA) has a track record for supporting small businesses, often through its partner network whose solutions it leverages, bringing them to a wider audience. It’s previously partnered with Zoho to release a bundled solution for SMEs, and recently purchased POS financing provider Vyze, further extending its capabilities. vcita, for its part, has pushed out a range of practical tools for small and micro businesses that cover tasks like scheduling, payment collection, and marketing. The partnership between Mastercard and vcita will enable each company to play to its strengths, while giving SMEs the skills they need to thrive in a digital world.

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