Martin Sass Discusses Hot Stock to Boost your Portfolio

There is no denying the fact that every investor is on the lookout for that one hot stock to boost his or her portfolio. Of course, finding this one investment is easier said than done.

While there are many opportunities out there, some of which are better than others, those who lean on professional advice often times make the best investments.

Martin Sass, of M.D. Sass, recently took part in a CNBC video segment in which he discusses a hot stock to perk up your portfolio.

With a portfolio value of roughly $1,408,968,000, it is safe to assume that you can trust his advice. Here is what Sass had to say:

“Actavis announced since I was on your program, in fact, just last week they announced another deal which I think will be another leap forward for the company. They announced the acquisition of roughly $25 billion for Forest Laboratories, which should be very accretive to earnings. I think synergies are far going to exceed management’s estimates.”

american airlines

Not sure of why you should believe what Sass has to say? Consider this: he bought Actavis in 2010 when it was trading at $44/share. Right now, it is trading somewhere in the range of $224/share. This is the type of investment that every investor dreams of. By following the lead of experienced professionals, such as Sass, it is possible to accomplish the same.

From there, he went on to discuss a variety of other topics, including investing in airlines. Here is some more insight from Sass:

“American is my number one. Delta number two. And the new name, as you said, is AerCap, which most people haven’t heard of but they are going to hear about it. AerCap is acquiring the ILFC division of AEG, which quadruples its fleet and will make it the largest aircraft company in the world, slightly ahead of GE in that business.”

There is no shortage of information and advice provided by Sass in this segment. If you are looking to add some hot stocks to your portfolio, he lays a few opportunities out on the table. Are you going to take full advantage?