Maplelane’s Top 5 Stock Holdings

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Below are Maplelane Capital’s top 5 stock holdings. If you want to read our detailed discussion about Maplelane’s performance, its biggest stock holdings and the losses it incurred due to the GameStop saga, go directly to Maplelane’s Top 10 Stock Holdings.

5. Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG)

Maplelane Capital’s strategy of buying Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) stock generated gains for the hedge fund. Shares of Google surged almost 20% in the last six months, thanks to growth in online advertising revenue and stabilizing economic trends.

Giverny Capital Asset Management LLC, which has generated a net return of 15.39% for the Q4, stated in an investors’ letter that Alphabet is fairly priced. Here’s what Giverny Capital Asset Management stated:

“Alphabet is our largest holding. We’re biased, but we’d argue that Alphabet is reasonably priced. It earns significant profit from travel related searches, which are way down this year. Travel spending figures to roar back at some point, possibly soon. Alphabet also spends extravagant amounts on R&D and capital spending as it finances younger ventures. Those other businesses, which include YouTube, Waymo selfdriving cars and cloud computing centers, plus research in artificial intelligence, should eventually generate meaningful returns for shareholders. Or at worst, they will consume less investment over time. If Alphabet simply exercises discipline over investment spending for a few years as travel advertising rebounds and the core search business grows, the resulting free cash flow should generate satisfactory returns for owners.”

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