Lansdowne Partners Adds to Position in Tableau Software

Paul Ruddock & Steve Heinz‘s London-based fund Lansdowne Partners disclosed, in a new filing with the SEC, surging its position in Tableau Software Inc (NYSE:DATA) to 575,000 class A shares, from 375,000 reported in its latest 13F. The stake now amasses 6.10% of the company’s class A common stock.

Tableau Software

Tableau shares are currently trading at a price of $63.68 and have a beta of -3.96. During the 3rd quarter of 2013, the company registered a 65% increase in revenue and reported sales of 33.5 million. Tableau has, however, reported a loss of 0.05 per diluted share. The company does not pay dividends.

At the recent Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent conference, on November 14th,  Tableau Software announced an expansion in the companies business relations with Amazon. Dan Jewett, Tableau Software’s Vice President of Product Management said:

 We are thrilled to extend our work with AWS and support the growing demand to see and understand data. AWS’ rich suite of offerings combined with Tableau provides our joint customers, like Foursquare, Sling Media, and Zillow with more supported options for accessing and analyzing their data in low cost model compared to traditional business intelligence platforms.

On November 7th, Tableau announced that 7.7 million Class A shares would be sold at a price of $65.00. All shares are to be sold by current stock holders, the company not receiving any proceeds from the sale.

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