Lansdowne Increased its EADS Shorts

The latest publication (AMF) of the short positions for EADS (The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V. shows that Lansdowne UK Equity Fund Limited increased its short position in EADS by moving from a net short position of  0.734% of the outstanding shares on Aug 9th to  0.837% on Aug 11th.

Paul Ruddock

Lansdowne UK had previously moved from a short position of 0.759% on June 28th to a short position of 0.842% on June 29th. Lansdowne UK was previously holding a short position of 0.656% in the company on June 21st.

EADS Share Prices (Paris Stock Exchange):

Date                Adj Close

12 Aug 2011         21,35

11 Aug 2011         20,67

10 Aug 2011         19,91

9 Aug 2011           20,50

29 Jun 2011          22,83

28 June 2011        22,54

21 Jun 2011          21,75