Kite Pharma Inc (KITE), CoStar Group Inc (CSGP) And MiMedx Group Inc (MDXG): Top Stock Picks Of Len Potter

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Leonard A. Potter founded Wildcat Capital Management in 2011 for managing the investment portfolios of David Bonderman’s family and friends. Assets under management (AUM)  of the fund is $1.03 billion. The fund filed its most recent 13F for the reporting period of March 31, on May 11. According to this filing the fund held 11 long positions and 13 positions total, with the value of the equity portfolio being $258.06 million. Kite Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:KITE), CoStar Group Inc (NASDAQ:CSGP), MiMedx Group Inc (NASDAQ:MDXG) and LPL Financial Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:LPLAwere among the top stock holdings of Wildcat Capital Management at the end of first quarter of 2015.


Most of the picks of Leonard Potter are small-cap companies. We like small-cap companies because our detailed research has shown that small-cap picks of the hedge funds perform much better than their large-cap picks. For our small-cap strategy, we started to determine the favorite 15 small-cap picks of 700+ funds in August 2012. Since we launched this strategy in 2012,we obtained cumulative return of more than 137%, beating the S&P 500 Total Return Index by about 80 percentage points (see the details).

Kite Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:KITE) is the largest stock holding of Wildcat Capital Management. The position in the company consisted of 2.36 million shares valued at $136.01 million, which constituted a hefty 52.71% of the fund’s 13F portfolio as of the end of the first quarter. The position remained unchanged throughout the first quarter. Kite Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:KITE) is a $2.51 billion biotechnology company which produces and sells cancer immunotherapy products. The company has returned 93.97% since its IPO on June 23, 2014. Kite Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:KITE)’s treatment strategy is to use patients’ own cells and harness them to combat the affliction. The company has one product in stage two testing and another in stage one testing, with its other four products planned to enter stage one sometime in 2015. Kite Pharma is aiming for a 2017 launch for its first treatment, should all go according to plan. According to its most recent financial reports for the fourth quarter of 2014, Kite Pharma has a net cash position of $209.30 million and total stockholder equity is $362.59 million. Recently, Marc Better, Vice President of the company, sold 9,000 shares at an average share price of $50.70. George Soros’ Soros Fund Management and Oleg Nodelman’s Ecor1 Capital were other prominent investors of the company at the end of 2014.

CoStar Group Inc (NASDAQ:CSGP) is the second favorite pick of Len Potter. Potter currently holds 291,447 shares valued at $57.66 million at the end of the first quarter. CoStar Group Inc (NASDAQ:CSGP) is a $6.60 billion company which was founded in 1987 to provide commercial real estate information and analytics services and maintains a largest commercial real estate database. CoStar Group Inc (NASDAQ:CSGP) increased its revenue to $575.94 million in 2014 from $251.74 million in 2011. The company also grew its net income to $44.87 million in 2014 from $14.66 million in 2011. Shares of CoStar Group have returned 10.86% since the end of 2014. Mariko Gordon’s Daruma Asset Management is the largest shareholder of the company with its position of 410,687 shares valued at $75.41 million at the end of 2014.

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