Killer Small Business Ideas

With a brand new year on our hands, you may be looking for killer small business ideas to start your own company in 2015. You can be sure that anything related to the technology market will put you in the right company, but there are many other entrepreneurial ideas that may prove to be highly successful this year. In fact, sometimes the most unusual business proposals can turn into moneymaking machines, such as Uber, which rose from an app to an indispensable form of transportation for thousands of people.

A while back we compiled a list of the 12 most profitable small businesses to run in the US, including some rather unexpected market choices. However, this compilation is focused on the great ideas that could earn you a fortune in the near future. So, here are our killer small business ideas and why we see real potential in them.

6. Kid-friendly apps

Recently, THE FUTURE 100 released its 10th annual trends report, stating that child related connectivity will be a big trend this year. And this should come as no surprise, since 75% of all kids in the US currently have access to mobile devices and a growing number of schools are integrating educational apps into their classrooms to promote active learning. So, why not give it a try and design or create an app just for kids. Also, these kids will later become your adult customers, so you can be a step ahead of the competition.

5. Food truck

While the restaurant business is notorious for its failure rate of 60 to 90 percent, the risk for food trucks is much lower, swaying at a pretty safe 10 to 20 percent. The obvious advantage of a mobile eatery is that you can create your brand and location without investing a fortune (check out the movie “Chef” to start up your motivation engine). It also allows you to scout out the markets demands in a much more adaptable way, by moving from one spot in town to another without any major efforts. Furthermore, according to a study conducted by Intuit and Emergent Research, revenue in the food truck industry is expected to reach $2.7 billion by 2017.

4. Translator

I know, it doesn’t sound too glamorous or exciting, but funding your own translation and interpretation agency can be a real killer business idea for the years to come. In the era of globalization and cross-cultural communication, the need for multi-lingual professionals who can seal the language barrier keeps increasing. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently states that company’s hiring interpreters and translators will grow by 46% over the next eight years, making this a very solid business idea.

3. Travelling salon

Going to the salon is something most women enjoy throughout their life, and in fact, some women even consider it a weekly necessity. But as time passes and the baby boomers enter the senior citizen category, age and health can stand in the way of beauty and pampering. Alas, a mobile beauty salon that visits its customers in their homes and offers them the beauty treatment they crave certainly has potential for growth.

2. Testing business

While nearly every business has a website, an app, or manages some form of software, many of them are full of gaps or simply don’t work. The reason for this is that firms oftentimes release their software without testing them in the proper fashion. So, as more and more companies build out their virtual presence, the demand for niche testers will also increase, making this a savvy business idea.

1. Energy efficiency consultant

That environmental care is a growing concern amongst households and businesses alike is nothing new, but while most people think it’s easy to save energy, there are many tips and tricks behind building a truly energy efficient environment. So, for do-gooders with a background in utilities or construction, this consulting service could be really valuable for both parts and trigger a larger sense of community in the process.