Kevin Kotler, Broadfin Capital Raise Holding in Derma Sciences Inc (DSCI)

Kevin Kotler‘s Broadfin Capital has increased its position in Derma Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:DSCI). According to a new filing with the SEC, Broadfin holds around 871,600 shares, up from 771,600 shares revealed in its latest 13F. The position is passive by nature and amasses 5.04% of the company’s common stock. The value of the holding amounts to some $9.6 million, at the current stock price of the company.

Kevin Kotler

Derma Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:DSCI), is a healthcare company involved in wound care. the company reported a 12% increase in net sales on the year to $22.1 million. The net loss of the company, however, expanded to $4.9 million, or $0.29 per share, from $3.1 million in the same period of last year. The stock of Derma Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:DSCI) edged down by around 0.2% since the beginning of the year.

Among the largest stockholders of Derma Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:DSCI) is Baker Bros. Advisors, led by Julian Baker and Felix Baker, which owns around 2.6 million shares, with a reported value of $31.7 million. It is followed by Peter Kolchinsky‘s Ra Capital Management, and Stephen Dubois‘ Camber Capital Management, which, in their latest 13F filings, revealed holding almost 2.0 million shares, and 950,000 shares respectively. The value of the positions amounts to $24.7 million, and $11.8 million respectively.

Among other recent moves into healthcare companies, Broadfin boosted its position in Horizon Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:HZNP) to 3.9 million shares, from 1.9 million held earlier. Currently, the fund holds 5.9% of Horizon’s common stock. The fund also added Alliqua Inc (OTCMKTS:ALQAD) to its equity portfolio, the stake comprising 774,400 shares, equal to 7.8% of the common stock.

The largest stake in the fund’s equity portfolio is represented by Depomed Inc (NASDAQ:DEPO), in which Broadfin revealed holding over 5.6 million shares, worth $42 million.

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