Josh Brown’s CRWD and LYV Predictions

“We need to stop using the term ‘Work-From-Home’,”. This is what Josh Brown of Ritholtz Wealth Management has to say about how digital companies could potentially ‘work from their homes’ permanently. “Everyone is digitizing. Everyone is moving more of their people away from their main office for good.” In an interview with CNBC, Brown said that the norms of these digital companies before Covid is ‘not going back to the way it’s used to be’.

Since a lot of businesses will be operating at home, endpoint security on all their devices will be critical, and having a network that detects threats and reacts in realtime, will be more in demand. This is exactly what CrowdStrike offers. CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (CRWD) is a cybersecurity company that uses the ‘cloud-native endpoint’ security platform that is used to stop breaches and to provide security for important cyber data. “Cybersecurity in my view is one of the biggest priorities for Fortune 500 companies.”.

“This company is a category killer, eating share. The total addressable market is massive. The threat has never been bigger (in) Russia, China, home-grown. It’s like the way to play it” said Brown who also emphasized that CrowdStrike is his ‘top pick’ for the next decade, not for the year alone. “I’m all-in on CrowdStrike. Personally, I really think this is going to be a name that works not only in 2021 but throughout the 2020s decade.

Talking about Live Nation Entertainment (LYV), Brown said that the company was forced to slash billions of dollars out of their cost structures and reasoned the company’s shares are dirt cheap. “They’ve put their selves into a situation where, once they’re back to normalize the operations,– they are going to have much leaner cost situations and much better financial position, much better balance sheet strength.”.

He stated that the environment has provided the opportunity for CrowdStrike and Live Nation, as they now emerge to be stronger companies that are more digital which gave them lower costs that provide higher stock returns.