Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), A Major Producer of Covid-19 Vaccines with 85% Effectivity Rate

Despite the concerns about its effectiveness on the newer strains of the Covid-19 virus, Johnson & Johnson’s (NYSE: JNJ) single-shot vaccine is said to be 85% effective in preventing severe diseases after 4 weeks of vaccination in adults. About 3.2 million doses of J&J’s vaccine were rolled out in the past 2 days alone and once this vaccine will be approved, together with the vaccines from other companies, we could definitely see a vaccine boom in the next couple of months.

“You might ask when are we going to get it, I believe we will get it by the summer.”, said Jefferies biotech analyst, Michael Yee in a CNBC interview, talking about the possible vaccination roll-out to all the American people in the mid of 2021. Yee said that the United States of America is producing lots of vaccines every week, every month, every quarter, J&J is a big contributor to the vaccine production in the country and that is why he projects that millions of people will be vaccinated by the summer of this year.

We can all conclude that the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out has become politicized but the good news is, America is the most vaccinated big country in the world and 5th most in terms of per capita. It can also be stated in fact that the U.S. is at a pace of getting 100 million doses of vaccines in two months and J&J is expected to contribute a large chunk of it. “I believe the early days that we’re talking about are going to have a little bit of hiccups but as the states are getting some rhythm, as they smooth it out, the logistics get better, we will have a boom by the summer.”, said Yee.

According to CNBC, there are about 25 million Americans that were already vaccinated, while 30 million people said they will not take the vaccine no matter what. “If you’ve got even 150 to 200 million people vaccinated, then you should have all of the vaccinations and that should be done at the pace 1.7 million(vaccines) a day, a hundred million in a hundred days. That all happens by the summer. That’s exactly what we’re calling for,”.

Michael Yee concluded by disclosing, “I’m not saying that that’s exactly the herd immunity number (150-200 million), but if you had half of the eligible people above 16 vaccinated by the summer, I think we’ll be in a very good place.”.