Is PayPal Stock a Good Investment?

PayPal is the first choice with many individuals looking to make online money transfers and deposit to PayPal casinos. However, there is now competition from dedicated cryptocurrency providers. Also, there have always been alternative payment methods, such as debit cards and bank transfer.

The growth in the use of PayPal as a payment method was linked to its purchase by eBay in 2002. In fact, most of the provider’s transactions were processed on the auction site at that time.

The company had 100 million active account users in 2010, across 190 countries. Five years later, there was a split with eBay so PayPal was once again a public limited company. However, projections by analysts do not augur well for the rest of 2022.

PayPal Earnings Per Share

Even so, PayPal is still a prominent stock that attracts the interest of investors. It has consistently delivered growth since 2010 and scores well for sales, profit margins and return on equity.

In the current financial climate, it is debatable whether the stock can maintain or improve on its Earnings Per Share Rating. The EPS that is exclusive to the US-focused Investor’s Business Daily was 81 out of 99 in June 2022.

Metrics and ratings indicate a decline but Q1/2022 results suggest otherwise. Even so, PayPal casinos can help to offset some of the slow sales growth in other sectors.

PayPal’s Role in the Online Casino Industry

Many casino sites that are licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) offer PayPal as a payment method. PayPal casinos that serve the UK market include some of the leading established brands, as reported by There are benefits from using PayPal for casino payments, and a strong presence of PayPal in the gambling industry can have a positive effect on the brand’s reputation and trust levels on the stock market. However, there are a number of drawbacks in general that could adversely affect the performance of the stock.

Potential PayPal Negatives

PayPal has the stipulation in the Terms & Conditions that they can suspend an account. This means that funds could be inaccessible for a significant period of time. Some businesses, including PayPal casinos, will now not allow deposits using the payment provider.

There is anecdotal evidence of poor customer care and the e-Wallet is a potential target for phishing and online scams. In addition, the potential for disputes can delay payments, which have to be avoided by PayPal casinos.

However, the historical share price suggests these drawbacks have been adequately offset by the benefits. Even so, PayPal is not necessarily still going to be a ‘banker’ stock in an investor’s portfolio. Past history does not always equate to future performance, affecting PayPal casinos.

Recent PayPal Share Price Relevant News

PayPal is a player in the crypto space but Block SQ is a tough competitor. That company’s marketing app facilitates discounts, payments and purchase of cryptocurrency.

The PayPal Venmo and Square Cash apps now provide consumer financial services but are playing catch up with Block SQ. Investors should have a keen interest in this scenario and PayPal casinos should be taking note of developments.

PayPal launched a service for trading using crypto at the end of 2021. Users can buy and sell Bitcoin and shop with 28 million merchants. Venmo allows consumers to use three crypto methods to process transactions.

During the autumn of 2021, PayPal bought Paidy, a Japanese platform for credit finance deals. However, they did not pursue the purchase of Pinterest at about the same time, as reported by Bloomberg. That did not prevent the use of the payment method on PayPal casino sites.

The stock performance was downgraded last November and shares fell by 5%. The announcement of the departure of the Chief Financial Officer in April was seen as a negative in some quarters. However, business with PayPal casino sites is still buoyant.

Buy or Sell PayPal Stock?

At the end of 2019, very few people anticipated the consequences for virtual payments of the global pandemic. However, there was a huge shift to online shopping the following year. Consequently, PayPal’s profits grew by 70% in 2020.

PayPal is still a trusted brand with offices in the United States and Richmond, outside London, and other locations. However, as recently as May 12, the stock was priced at a 52-week low.

There were more losses over the next few weeks and the stock is down almost 60% from about 12 months ago. There is slower growth and uninspiring projections for the rest of 2022.

Hence, there could soon be a revised buy point but until then investor’s should maintain the status quo with their PayPal position. PayPal casinos will affect how that pans out.