Is Guggenheim’s Randall Barnes Rescuing Its Stock Price?

Guggenheim, Randall Barnes: Randall C. Barnes, Director at Guggenheim Credit Allocation Fund (NYSE:GGM), purchased 4,000 shares of common stock in four separate transactions earlier this week, with prices varying from $23.35 to $23.50 for an estimated total of $93,650. All 4,000 shares will remain under the indirect control of Mr. Barnes.

Guggenheim Credit Allocation Fund

Barnes has bought the stock through the past two months with great intensity. There are three transactions registered under his name for the month of September, adding up to 3,430 shares of common stock for an average price of $23.51 each. For the current month of October, Mr. Barnes has registered five additional transactions for a total of 4,200 shares of common stock at an average price of $23.56 each.

The total shares under indirect control of Mr. Barnes add up to 7,700. His vehicle, Children’s Trust #1, controls 3,100, Deborah Barnes Roth controls 2,000, and Dean Barnes Roth controls the remaining 2,600.

The transactions have not been isolated, since Mr. Barnes holds a history for buying stock from the Guggenheim Credit Allocation. Since the beginning of August, the stock’s price has dropped from $25 to an all-time low of $23.31 on September 9th. Recovery since then has been modest.

Disclosure: Jodor Jalit holds no position in any of the mentioned stocks. 

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