Is Fundraising The Right Step To Success? 3 Lessons From Launchpads Like BoostX and Binance Launchpad

When launching or purchasing a crypto project, the main way to analyse its potential for success is by the funds supporting it. When thinking about crypto, money, and finance are what come to mind, hence it is the key factor to a project’s success.

This is why launchpads were created. With the main purpose of raising funds for upcoming projects, new projects that are in their presale stage choose to be promoted by certain launchpads. These fundraise for their projects pointing towards greater long-term success. BoostX and Binance Launchpad are two of the best launchpads in the market and crypto enthusiasts can learn a lot from both platforms.

Funding and Community

When a presale project receives a lot of funds from different users, it is not only accruing its finances, but also its community. By amassing the support of a large sum of token holders, projects improve the odds of that hotly sought long-term success.

A prime example of this is Binance Launchpad. With over 10 million users, all projects promoted on Binance Launchpad are made public to a vast audience. This being one of the many reasons projects tend to choose this launchpad to be promoted on. They know there’ll be a large number of users that will cast their eyes across the project, thus partaking of tokens.

Additionally, by housing a large community from the get-go, users feel a personal connection with the project and are more likely to be long-term token holders. Watching the project grow and develop over time, the early consumers will likely have the greatest benefits.


Many launchpads are limited to single blockchains. Whilst this is good for users that focus on a specific sector of the market such as gaming, users that would prefer to purchase a wider range of projects are best served elsewhere. That elsewhere takes the form of BoostX, a launchpad that places diversity at the core of its mission.

By supporting projects built on various blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, Terra, and Polygon; users are provided with a wide range of projects to choose from that enjoyably differ from one another. If one user wants to focus on speed, they can choose projects built on Solana. Those that prioritise scalability can choose projects built on Ethereum and so on. More users are likely to turn to a multi-chain launchpad for the multitude of options.

Unique Features

In the presently oversaturated market, it has become increasingly difficult for projects to raise funds because of the imposing competition. For a start-up crypto, it can be hard to engage users in your project. The best way to become attractive to crypto enthusiasts is by having unique features.

There are thousands of ideas out there, in the market that have been used to make projects stand out, making it difficult to find a new take on a crypto project.

BoostX has a dynamic dashboard feature that allows project creators to customise their project’s presale to make it leap out from other projects promoted on the launchpad. Some of the customisation options include static pricing, dynamic pricing, bonuses, and more. Whilst these aren’t radical factors that can steer a user’s decision, these are important details considered by users when thinking about purchasing a project’s token.

What To Look Out For

Whilst all of these features are important, it is best to conduct personal research before purchasing a presale project. With the help of launchpads, users can purchase project tokens for low fees and join a welcoming community. Use BoostX and Binance Launchpad to compare projects and find the best one for you.

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