Is EMC Corporation (EMC) a Good Stock to Buy?

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The past year has been all right for the market as a whole, but EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) has lagged with the stock down 19% in the last 52 weeks. The $49 billion market cap data storage software and solutions company actually turned in decent financial performance in 2012, with revenue up 9% from the previous year and earnings increasing by 11%, but apparently these numbers disappointed investor expectations. In addition, we’d note that one of the largest increases in expenditures for the company was on R&D, which was increased by 19%; some analysts believe that R&D spending should be partially considered as an investment in the case of technology companies. EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) brought in $6.3 billion in cash flow from operations for the year, about half of which was used on capex and acquisitions.

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) currently trades at 19 times trailing earnings, so the market is still expecting considerable earnings growth from the company- though we think that the 11% increase in net income from last year, if it could be sustained for several years, would at least be sufficient for EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) to be fairly valued at the current price. Analyst expectations are quite bullish: consensus for 2014 implies a forward P/E of 11. If the company achieved that target very little growth would be required after that point to make EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) a value stock, but we would not want to be too dependent on accurate projections from the Street.


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