Is, Inc. (AMZN)’s Rising App Store a Threat to Google Inc (GOOGL)’s Play Store?, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), a well known e-commerce giant, has been trying to compete in apps in a battle with Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Play Store for a long time and it seems like the company has made big progress in this regard, as the total count of apps in Amazon’s App Store reached up to 400,000 this week. A CNET article reported on the news and discussed about the significant progress made by, Inc. in its App Store.

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“To me, it’s all about making sure we have all the right selection. We’ve made huge progress on that,” said Mike George, Amazon’s Vice President of Apps and Games., Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has faced a difficult time in making its App Store as popular among consumers as Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s are dominating the apps market, but the company has showed a significant improvement in its App Store recently as the total number of apps has received a great boost from the previously reported figure. According to an, Inc. spokesman, Amazon’s App Store has nearly 400,000 apps worldwide, which is a huge progress from its last reported count of 300,000 in the fall and which is nearly double its count a year ago.

“I’m not chasing a particular number. I’m just making sure we have all the apps that our customers want to use. And we have many of them and we’re still working on everybody else,” George said., Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has tried hard to convince developers and make them interested in developing apps for its app store by working closely with different apps and games developers to boost the app store’s count and bring to it the most interesting, varied and famous apps for its users, just like how Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) offers an intense amount of apps of different categories to its Android users through Google Play Store.

Even with a significant amount of progress and being four years old, Amazon App Store is still far behind Google Play Store, which has over 1.2 million apps in it. While having success with getting developers interested in its apps,, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) still has a long way to go, as it needs to bring out some of the biggest hits to the world for its app store which are similar to Google’s Maps and Gmail app. If we talk about near future, Amazon App Store is no threat to Google Play Store but if, Inc. keeps on progressing significantly, it could be a danger to Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s app market in a few years.

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