Investment Options for Your Retirement

Deciding on the right approach when it comes to investing for your retirement is not a simple matter, but hopefully, you will be as well prepared financially as possible. There is no doubt that as you approach your retirement date, financial issues will be at the forefront of your mind and there will be some concern as to whether or not the provisions you have made will be sufficient to meet your needs. Let us assume though that you have enough put by to live comfortably, and you have some spare cash that you want to invest for a good return. If that is the case, there is no reason why seeking out attractive investment and saving opportunities should stop when you retire.

So, what should you be looking for in the world of investment to make the most of your available resources? Here are some options to consider.

Constructing a portfolio

If you’re not comfortable dealing with the financial aspects of your retirement plans on your own then having a financial advisor makes a lot of sense. A professional can guide you through the complexities of the financial world and help you build a solid portfolio of bond index funds and stocks. You should be looking for a decent long-term rate of return on your investments, and though markets can go down as well as up, you are free to decide the level of risk that is acceptable to you and allocate your investment funds accordingly.


Annuities provide you with a regular income based on a lump sum payment made from your pension fund that will have benefitted from growth over the years. The rate of return from annuities does vary, and it is not always the best option to stay with the institution where your pension pot is held. Annuities are particularly useful if you don’t have many or any, other sources of guaranteed income and they can be a hedge against taking a lump sum that could be spent too quickly leaving you with scant resources. With no form of income to rely on that situation could be extremely difficult.

There are a range of ways you can set up an annuity, and if you have several pension pots, you can choose one that will give you the best return and hold the others until you are ready to do something with them.

Overseas property

If you have sufficient funds available, investing in some real estate overseas can be a wise move. By buying a property in a popular tourist area, you can secure a good return on investment by renting out the accommodation to vacationers. That will then allow you the freedom to use the property yourself when you wish. There will be agent’s fees to pay of course, and maintenance costs to meet, but it could still generate a healthy monthly income. The capital asset will also appreciate in value over time.

There are many options available for foreign buyers of property in Spain; a popular holiday destination as well as a desirable place for people who have retired to reside. You can find excellent bargains if you do thorough research and the buying process is not always as expensive as you might think. Spain is a wise choice for property investors.

The traditional route of using a bank for completing such transactions is being eclipsed by foreign exchange traders whose fees can be considerably less and who work to get the best currency deal for you when the markets are right. Always compare money transfer rates to get the best deal when you’re buying property in Spain.

Buying bonds

Bonds are a loan to a government, a municipality or a corporation. They borrow from you – your investment – and pay you interest on the amount you’ve invested before returning the principal at the end of the agreed period. You can have a steady source of income for your retirement and, especially with government bonds, this is a secure way of investing. The returns may not be as high as you would like and may not suit you if you prefer to take higher risks but bonds can be a sound part of your overall investment portfolio.

Real estate

Having mentioned buying property in Spain, there’s no reason you shouldn’t look closer to home and buy a property for its rental potential. That has its pros and cons – as does any investment – but you can get a stable income from it. Keep in mind that as with overseas properties there will be the inevitable maintenance costs, an agent’s management fee if you’re not managing it yourself and unanticipated expenses. Remember also that when it’s between tenants, there will be no rent payments coming in.

For investment options examine all the ways that can use the money you have to your best advantage. Nothing in the world of finance is guaranteed, but if you work to a plan, you should be able to provide yourself with financial security in retirement that will allow you to enjoy all that free time.