Intel Corporation (INTC) News: Atom Chip Line for Mobile, Chemical Leak, Skylake & More

Intel’s new CEO is ready to embrace mobile (Fortune)
Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) was slow to enter the mobile market, but the chipmaker says it is now taking steps to speed up development of its Atom chip line for mobile devices. It’s also rushing ahead to provide silicon (and services) to another potentially hot market: wearables, a new product category which includes connected glasses and watches. The company’s top executives, new CEO Brian Krzanich and president Renee James, met with reporters Friday morning in San Francisco to answer questions about their strategy to push Intel into mobile and up-and-coming markets like wearables.

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)Chemical Leak at Intel Fab Injures a Dozen Workers (PC Magazine)
A chemical leak at Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)’s Chandler, Ariz. semiconductor manufacturing plant on Saturday morning sent 12 employees to the hospital, according to media reports. Intel officials said 43 people in all were evaluated by medical personnel following the accident, reported. The accident, reportedly a nitrogen gas leak, occurred at around 6 a.m. MST in Fab 32, one of three silicon fabrication plants that make up Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)’s Chandler manufacturing facilities. Fab 32, pictured, came online in 2007 and manufactures 300mm silicon wafers on Intel’s 45-nanometer and 32nm technology nodes.

Intel Labs looks to future (Intel Labs looks to future)
Car tail lights saving lives, immersive displays allowing photos to tell their own story and personalised shopping experiences were a few of the innovations presented by Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) at its 11th annual Research@Intel event last week. The event was a showcase of new research spawned from Intel’s internal efforts and external collaborations. Justin Rattner, Intel’s chief technology officer, kicked off the event by highlighting some of the 20 ground-breaking research projects on exhibition. Supplementing its own robust and diverse research efforts, Intel Labs two years ago deployed a unique model of direct collaboration with the world’s leading academic researchers, creating a global network of seven Intel Science and Technology Centers (ISTCs) and six Intel Collaborative Research Institutes (ICRIs).

Intel’s Skylake Is A Monster (Seeking Alpha)
Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)’s latest and greatest Haswell chip already looks outdated. While Haswell brought massive power efficiency improvements to the table, all while coupled with some seriously slick new instructions that double peak floating point throughput, the processor world ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Haswell will be replaced by a chip known as Skylake in 1H 2015, and from what I can already tell, it appears that it will be a performance monster.

Intel To Offer Online TV Service by End of 2013 (eWeek)
The chip maker, which announced the program in February, says there should be enough content available for a launch this year. Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) officials are prepared to begin selling set-top box later this year, enabling customers to receive taped and live programming over the Internet. At the TV of Tomorrow conference June 25, Eric Free, vice president and general manager of content and services at Intel Media, said the company was on track to get sell the set-top boxes and provide content before the end of 2013, according to a report by Bloomberg.