Insiders Are Dumping Shares of These 3 Companies; Should Investors Be Worried?

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There is little doubt that tracking insider trading activity should represent a major part of the stock selection process of most investors. Despite the fact that insider buying tends to offer more accurate insights about a company’s prospects than insider selling, the latter type of activity should not be overlooked by any means. Although insiders may sell stock for numerous reasons unrelated to their company’s future prospects, it is highly unlikely that they ignore the timing of their trades. Why would an insider sell stock today if he/she knows that the upcoming earnings report will positively surprise the market? The bottom line is that insiders may unload their holdings when there are no major positive developments expected at their companies in the near future. Having this in mind, this daily article on insider trading activity will discuss the insider sales at three companies.

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Let’s kick off our investigation by examining the insider selling activity at On Assignment Inc. (NYSE:ASGN). Randolph C. Blazer, President of On Assignment’s subsidiary Apex, reported selling 10,000 shares on Thursday at a weighted average price of $46.37, trimming his stake to 75,282 shares. Theodore S. Hanson, Chief Financial Officer of Apex, sold 25,000 shares on the same day at prices ranging from $46.15-to-$46.80, and currently owns 273,459 shares. Edward L. Pierce, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of On Assignment Inc. (NYSE:ASGN), unloaded 20,000 units of common stock on Tuesday at prices between $46.50-and-$46.63. After the recent sale, the CFO currently holds a stake of 59,349 shares. Finally, Director Marty R. Kittrell sold 3,000 shares on Monday at a price of $45.94 per share, remaining with 8,047 shares. The shares of the global provider of in-demand, skilled professionals are nearly 40% in the green year-to-date, partly thanks to the recent rally fueled by the company’s strong third quarter earnings report. The company also raised its fourth quarter revenue guidance to $563 million-to-$568 million, which denotes an increase of $15 million-to-$20 million. Meanwhile, the number of hedge funds that we track which were invested in the stock increased to 20 from 15 during the second quarter. Mariko Gordon’s Daruma Asset Management held a 1.95 million-share stake in On Assignment Inc. (NYSE:ASGN) on June 30.

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The second page of the article discusses the heavy insider selling activity registered at Tanger Factory Outlet Centers and Xcel Energy.

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