Insider Monkey Performance Update

Insider Monkey tracks the purchases and sales of hedge funds and corporate insiders. Basically we have more than 100,000 insiders, hedge fund managers and analysts work for us for free. They have to disclose some of their transactions to the SEC and we go through these transactions in order to identify the most promising investment ideas.

We have 3 main investment strategies:

1. Monthly activist investing strategy: Our monthly activist newsletter features stock picks based on hedge fund presentations, investor letters, and activist filings. We also analyze the performance of historical stock picks of activist hedge fund managers starting with the March 2017 issue. Our list of activist stock picks returned 61.1% since its inception in March 2017 through March 6, 2019. S&P 500 ETF (SPY) returned 21.1% during the same period.

We are pleased that our strategy outperformed the market by nearly 8 percentage points so far in 2019. Since the publication of our January 2019 issue, the biggest contributor to our performance has been Ascendis Pharma (ASND) which jumped nearly 70% on March 4 on the heels of positive Phase 3 trial results. We recommended ASND in the April 2018 issue of our monthly newsletter following Oleg Nodelman’s stock pitch at the Ira Sohn Investment Conference.

Oleg Nodelman EcoR1 Capital

2. Quarterly Short Strategy: This is a quantitative investment strategy that shorts battleground hedge fund stocks. We launched this strategy in February 2017 and its stock picks lost a cumulative of 25.2% (this is a good thing because we are shorting these stocks). S&P 500 Index gained 23.6% during the same period. This means our strategy generated an outperformance of nearly 49 percentage points in 2 years. How many investors delivered these kinds of returns in the past 2 years?

3. Quarterly Best Performing Hedge Funds Strategy: This strategy invests equal dollar amounts in the consensus small cap stock picks (between $1 billion and $10 billion in market cap) of the 100 best performing hedge funds. This strategy returned 89.7% since its inception in May 2014, beating SPY’s 61.2% gain during the same period by 28.5 percentage points. Please keep in mind that small-cap stocks, in general, underperformed large-cap stocks by more than 10 percentage points since May 2014 which is why the performance of our Best Performing Hedge Funds Strategy is more impressive than it looks.

We just published the February issue of our monthly newsletter and recommended a brand new stock. We expect this stock to return more than 50% in the next 12-24 months. You can start your 14-day trial here. We offer No Questions Asked 100% money-back guarantee.