Insider Buying at CVS Health Corp (CVS) for the First Time in 5 Years Tops List of Must-See Insider Moves

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Sell in May and go away is an old investment adage that references the fact that, historically, stocks have done far poorer during the six-month period beginning in May than during the six-month period that begins in November and ends in April. This was clearly the case between 1950 and 2013, at least for stocks in the Dow Jones, which achieved the vast majority of their average annual gains (7.5%) during the latter period as opposed to the stretch beginning in May (0.3%).

However, that adage may no longer ring true in the modern era of passive investing based on stock performance during the past two years, and it doesn’t appear to be stopping insiders from loading up on shares of their companies in the past week, as insider buying has intensified.

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CVS Health Corp (NYSE:CVS)

Who Bought Shares: Chairman David Dorman and Director David Brown

How Many Shares Were Bought: 24,300 @ $62.22 per share and 10,000 @ $61.99 per share, respectively

Date of the Transaction(s): May 4

After more than five years without an insider purchase, not one but two CVS Health Corp (NYSE:CVS) insiders bought shares on May 4, a few days after they slid down near multi-year lows. CVS shares have lost 13% in 2018 and are down by nearly 50% from their 2-year peak hit 22 months ago. Despite a relatively upbeat first-quarter earnings call at the end of April, shares have slid by over 10% in May, which appears to be where insiders finally drew a line in the sand.

Pharmacy-benefit managers (PBMs) like CVS Health Corp (NYSE:CVS) have been under increased scrutiny for months for their role in rising drug prices in the U.S. President Trump is expected to address that issue this week, laying out plans for how his administration will tackle the issue of drug prices, and based on recent comments from members of his staff, it appears that the role of PBMs are in his crosshairs. A Trump healthcare official took aim at PBMs yesterday, stating that their murky role as middlemen serving both manufacturers and drug plans was hurting consumers.

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