In Conversation with Chris Diaz: The Secret to Building a Sustainable and Profitable Business in 2020

It is make-or-break time for businesses everywhere in 2020. The best way to get the word out is to prove your strength on the vast plains of the internet, where search giants like Google, Yahoo, and Bing render various ways for businesses to connect with their target audience. Chris Diaz, a successful entrepreneur and social media strategist shares the secret to building a successful business in 2020 by leveraging digital solutions.

Chris Diaz

Q: Chris, how has digitalization impacted businesses?

A: The digital world is the foundation of today’s society, no matter what anyone tries to say or believe. The only way for anyone to make a name for themselves and project themselves as a brand is to create a great digital persona. But this takes time. It is not easy to do so just with a few clicks of the button. 

Q: What are the things that aspiring entrepreneurs must consider?

A: Teach yourself to become an entrepreneur first. Learn how to conduct your business online and establish a good profile on the internet. This is the first step to building your digital footprint. While you offer your talents to the customer, your product should likewise be as efficient to gain traction on the internet.

Q: Given the current situation, how can entrepreneurs expand their connections?

A: Making connections, talking to the captains of the industry, engaging directly with consumers and customers, continually making worthwhile content, and offering both products on-demand and service on time is how you will establish your name on the digital market. 

Q: Any advice you would like to give to young entrepreneurs.

A: Investing in your business is not just a financial commitment. You also have to invest your time, energy and ensure your business runs without any hassles. The major aspect of online business is research. Entrepreneurs must delve deeply into the research aspect of their business. Entrepreneurship is synonymous to constantly learning, upgrading and expanding so that you can provide the most up-to-date support for your customers