I Will Pay You $100 If This Stock Doesn’t Return 20% in One Year

Do you know any hedge fund manager who pays you if he can’t beat his target return? Does your financial advisor pay you if he fails to beat your target return?

I usually don’t guarantee returns because investing is unpredictable. However, occasionally, I come across ideas that are near slam dunk cases. The risk-return combinations of these ideas are so attractive that I don’t have much to lose by offering return guarantees.

I just came across one of these ideas.

In May 2016, I offered a 10% return guarantee within a month and my stock pick delivered that return within a week.

In August 2016 I offered a 30% return guarantee within a year and my second stock pick delivered that return within 4 weeks.

In June 2017 I offered a 20% return guarantee within 2 weeks and my third pick delivered that return within 2 weeks.

In October 2018 I once again shared my best idea (this time I didn’t offer a guarantee though) in a free special issue of our monthly newsletter and that stock doubled from $60 to $120 within 5 months.

Today, I am going to offer an even better deal.

These opportunities don’t come along very often and this is only a seven day offer that you need to act very quickly to take advantage of.

By the way, my name is Inan Dogan. I have a PhD in financial economics. I am Insider Monkey’s co-founder and research director. I develop quantitative investment strategies that identify the best stock picks of hedge funds and corporate insiders.

This stock is my best long-term idea. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came across this large-cap growth stock that is trading at less than 3 times its core earnings. This fact is obscured because the company has a ton of cash and stakes in other companies and currently investing billions in a future technology that will transform the world.

I expect this stock to double within 3 years and triple within 5 years. I can’t predict how much it can return within the next 12 months, but I am willing to guarantee at least a 20% return.

I am so confident about this stock that if it doesn’t return 20% within one year I will not only issue a 100% refund of your subscription fee, I will also send you an additional check for $100.

This offer is valid for our new subscribers who subscribe to our combo package.

Right now we have a promotion going on. You can subscribe to our newsletters for only $449/year, a discount of $100. Remember, if my large-cap stock pick doesn’t return 20% by September 1, 2020, you will get your entire payment back and an additional $100.

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