HTC Smartphone Sales Not Going As Expected

HTC smartphone sales: In many smartphone markets throughout the world, HTC Corp is one of the top dogs. This company may not always get the same amount of attention as the competition, such as Samsung and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), however, it has shown the tendency to perform at a high level over the past few years.

HTC Smartphone Sales not going as Expected

Unfortunately for the company, things are not looking good at the present time. HTC smartphone sales are dragging, and this could mean trouble for the company in the months to come.

According to a report by The Economic Times, disappointing sales as of late has increased the chance that the company will post its first net loss this quarter.

There are many problems plaguing the company right now, including those with the recently released and much anticipated HTC One Mini.

This smartphone was launched to the public in mid-July. With positive reviews, for the most part, HTC smartphone sales seemed poised to go through the roof.

Things did not work out that way. Instead, issues resulting from a casing shortage have held back production rates.

Unfortunately, HTC ran into issues with its flagship smartphone, the HTC One, as well.

The company faced shortages associated with the HTC One camera module, and it has yet to recover. This led to a record low first quarter net profit.

What does this mean to HTC smartphone sales in the future? According to a source cited by the same article, the demand for the One Mini could not be met due to delays, despite the fact that estimates show shipments of only 200,000 devices every month.

Third quarter revenue is going to show the big picture, with HTC saying in June that the company could see a decline as great as 30 percent when compared to the previous quarter.

In a recent poll conducted by Thomson Reuters, analysts expect the company to post a net loss of $6.5 million in the third quarter.

HTC smartphone sales are struggling, and it appears that the company is having a difficult time getting back on track.

In early October, we will get a better idea of where HTC stands when it releases its preliminary third quarter results.

While HTC smartphone sales flounder, companies like Apple, thanks to its two new iPhones, are hitting it big. These Apple hedge fund managers have to like what they see: David Einhorn, Christopher Hansen, Jeffrey Edwards, Stuart Peterson, and Mark Diker.

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