How to Build a Stellar Clientele? Branding Expert Cody Cornwell Shares Insights

Various reports suggest that as many as 40% of the top US-listed companies reported losses in 2020, and markets continue to tumble on coronavirus fears and economic uncertainty. As per CNBC, the top five tech players of the US, Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Alphabet (GOOGL), Facebook (FB), and Microsoft (MSFT), witnessed a combined loss of $416.63 billion in value in March 2020. These stocks experienced sharp losses over the last couple of days and volatility in the marketplace jumped significantly. However, as per branding experts like Cody Cornwell, businesses can build stellar clientele even during uncertain times like this.

Cody Cornwell

Here are the excerpts of an interview with Cody Cornwell, CEO, Heavy Marketing LLC:

Q: How can businesses align themselves during these testing times?

Cody: Every business needs a mission statement to get clarity on their goals. This is the first step to create an effective marketing strategy. Your mission is what dictates your values, and your goals have to align with them. If you aren’t preaching what you are offering, if you don’t believe in what you are selling, your customer won’t either. Remember, a strong brand is believable. A strong brand is a leader.

Q: What are the crucial things to consider about branding?

Cody: A brand strategist must answer if the company’s branding consistent on all channels? Is it recognizable? Is it clean, modern, does it reflect who you are as a company? Ask yourself these questions and adjust accordingly.

Q: Where can a business find prospective clients to build a pipeline that converts?

Cody: Look to where your customers are. Are they on social media? What are they reading? You have to talk to your audience on the channels they are listening to, or your message will never get across. A powerful brand is a brand that is heard. Therefore, every business must diversify its reach.

Q: Why is social media engagement important for a brand?

Cody: Your audience is powerful, considering they become eventual customers. Once you have cultivated your audience, do not get lazy and let them slip away. A strong brand has an engaged following because they engage with their audience consistently. Engagement makes your followers feel valued and heard and keeps them coming back.