How Facebook Inc (FB) Uses Hacktober To Stay Clear Of Security Breaches?

Security is turning out to be a serious concern for companies housing huge chunks of data, for people around the world. At the just concluded Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) developers conference, senior executives could not shy away from discussing the enigma that comes with big security breaches. During the two-day conference, it became clear that security and Infrastructure remains a key aspect of Facebook operations.

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Companies would be wise to borrow a leaf from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to avert the type of data breaches that have caused havoc notably the Sony Pictures hacking. The giant social network has also been subject of cyber-attacks in the past but the company does not want to subject itself to further embarrassment as hackers increase their wave of attacks and sophistication for people’s data.

Jennifer Henley, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s director of security operations shed more light at this year’s F8 conference on some of the techniques they use to avert potential attacks on the network. It is becoming evident that Facebook always looks forward to its Hacktober event that it uses to analyze the security level of its systems as well as the responsiveness of its staff to potential attacks.

The Hacktober event brings together security experts who try to trick employees with hacking tricks such as phishing scams to analyze how well they can respond to the same. Phishing emails involve malicious actors sending emails that mimic genuine versions aimed at soliciting confidential information. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s security team also scatters the company’s USB sticks as well as other materials labelled confidential as one of the ways of seeing which employees can be duped into opening potentially malicious material.

Hacktober main aim is to highlight some scenarios that hackers can use to penetrate a company’s infrastructure and only intended to spark employee awareness. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s security engineer, Ted Reed, on the other hand, advises of a more technical approach to avert potential attacks. The chief believes managers or executives that oversee software development should push for the removal of secret tokens or keys that may be lurking in any network or company’s source code.

Secret tokens or keys normally serve as gateways for hackers for infiltrating company’s back end as most developers are never keen on scanning their source code for any potential security holes.

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