How Can Marketers/Companies Benefit From Tapping Into Facebook Inc (FB) Data?

It’s not big secret that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) collects a lot of information about the users including their activities, likes and dislikes. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) was using this data for targeted ads and make some revenues out of it. But Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has initiated a tool which helps marketers to tap into this huge pool of data and do some marketing stuff. Wall Street Journal Reported, Jack Marshall talked on Fox Business about how marketers can use this data from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB).

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Marshall said that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) collects a huge amount of data about activity across its network, its user preferences and he added that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) offered the ability to do targeted ads using that huge amount of data and generated a lot of its revenues. He mentioned that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has now decided to give ability to marketers and any company essentially to tap into that data and uncover the user activities in Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s platform.

Though, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is not charging for this activity. If they decide to do so, it might be an additional revenue stream for the company though.

“Right its not charging today. Its partnering with a company called DataSift, which sort of provides the pipes and the underline technology to pool up data outside of Facebook. DataSift will most likely charge its clients for access to the information. But you are right as it stands today Facebook isn’t charging,” Marshall said.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is not the only company that collects a lot of data about users, but the fact that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has more than 1 billion users makes it more attractive data for marketers and companies to have a look into. Twitter also collects data about users.

Marshall pointed out that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is also spreading its net by venturing into virtual reality through couple of acquisition.

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