Here’s What Is Going On In The Financial Markets Today?

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6. Interesting Reads

“Facebook said Wednesday that it is taking more steps to crack down on its network’s “revenge porn” problem, including a new process that prevents users from reposting intimate images shared without the subject’s consent. While Facebook’s community guidelines already forbid posting revenge porn, the social network said it will now identify and catalogue specific images reported as revenge porn, according to a blog post by Facebook’s head of global safety, Antigone Davis.”

(The Washington Post)

“Astronomers have been hunting for Planet Nine – the large, mysterious body thought to lurk at the edge of our solar system – ever since researchers at Caltech published evidence of its existence last year. Ordinary people have now joined the search. And they’ve made some intriguing finds. Participants in a citizen science campaign hosted by the crowdsourcing program Zooniverse, and the BBC pinpointed four previously unknown objects in the outer solar system that could be candidates for Planet Nine, according to researchers at the Australian National University.”

(Orlando Sentinel)

“If you have decided to move from busy city crowds and start being your own boss, or just try out developing a business at your backyard, you might try some of the most profitable horticulture businesses to start. In the age when more and more people are looking for better food quality, like the growing organic food market demand, big doors are opening for those who plan to start a horticulture business. Of course, starting any agricultural business depends on how big is the capital investment, the size and quality of the soil you have available. Also, climate and weather differences impact on what plants can thrive.”

(Insider Monkey)

“Netflix is officially rolling out its new user content review system on Wednesday, replacing its traditional star-rating system with a more personalized thumbs up/down method. The star system currently still appears on the service, but the Netflix system gods will begin adding thumbs icons today and will eventually flip the switch dimming their star field forever. They even put out a video about it, below, to brace their subscribers for the change — and to say that their star system was also a personalized system, at least to some degree, even though most users did not realize it.”


“For the first time ever, Samsung will become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in about two weeks when it comes to smartphone design. Apple has always had the edge in the past thanks to the thin plastic Samsung used on its phones for the first few years after entering the market, and then the gap narrowed in 2015 when the company finally switched to glass and metal. Now, in 2017, Samsung has stolen the crown with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, which feature a design that puts Apple’s three-year-old iPhone design to shame.”


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