Hedge Fund News: Altana’s Robinson On Inflation, Tatiana Segal Hired By SkyBridge, Rajaratnam Sentence, Brevan Howard To Give Back, Madoff’s Investors Entitled To Funds

Altana’s Robinson Takes On Inflation (Dealbook)

Lee Robinson, co-founder of Trafalgar Asset Managers, said inflation, the current market volatility and the European debt crisis make this the “most dangerous period for financial investment since World War II.”

Tatiana Segal Ascends To SkyBridge Capital (HedgefundCo.Net)

Tatiana Segal was hired by the $8 billion hedge fund – SkyBridge Capital – as a managing director and head of risk management.

Raj Rajaratnam thinking

Raj Rajaratnam Could Get Guinness Record For Longest Insider Trading Sentence (Insider Monkey)

Raj Rajaratnam could get the longest insider trading sentence in history – 24 years in prison – if federal prosecutors have their druthers.

Brevan Howard May Give Back $2 Billion To Avoid Getting Too Big (Insider Monkey )

Brevan Howard Asset Management will return about $2 billion to investors in the firm’s largest fund – Master Fund – to avoid getting larger than its current size of $26.9 billion.

Bernie Madoff’s Investors Entitled To Funds (Insider Monkey)

Bernie Madoff’s investors cannot be forced to return withdrawals from his largest hedge fund that led to its insolvency.