Hedge Fund and Insider Trading News: Starboard Value LP, Paul Marshall, Whitney Tilson, Capital One Financial Corp. (COF), Boston Beer Company Inc (SAM), and More

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Starboard to Nominate Nine Candidates to Mellanox Board (Reuters)
(Reuters) – Activist hedge fund Starboard Value LP has started a proxy fight on Wednesday for control of Mellanox Technologies Ltd (MLNX.O), calling the Israeli chipmaker deeply undervalued. Starboard, the largest shareholder of Mellanox with a 10.7 percent stake, said it would nominate a slate of nine candidates for election to the company’s board. The nominations include Starboard head Jeffrey Smith, who has become the face and name behind the fund’s multiple proxy contests.

The Founder of One of Britain’s Biggest Hedge Funds Thinks the Bank of England is ‘Embarrassing’ Itself by Being Too Negative on Brexit (Business Insider UK)
LONDON — Paul Marshall, a co-founder of British hedge fund giant Marshall Wace, has accused the Bank of England of being excessively negative about Brexit, and by doing so, says the central bank is at risk of ruining its credibility. Writing in the Financial Times on Wednesday, Marshall said that the bank’s persistently pessimistic forecasts about the negative economic impacts of the vote to leave the EU could now be considered to mark the beginnings of what he called a “systematic cognitive bias.”

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Whitney Tilson Wants to Help Tommorrow’s Hedge Fund Managers Avoid His Mistakes (Yahoo Finance)
Former hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson, who identifies as a value investor, says there’s not a lot of room for young hedge fund managers to make mistakes these days. “It’s a tough environment, to be sure,” Tilson told Yahoo Finance in the video above. “Hedge funds, in general, have been underperforming in this bull market. And if anything, that’s why I think young people, who are thinking about getting into the business, need more than ever to have the experience and not be making any mistakes because there’s not a lot of room for error. It’s been a very tough market for value investors, in general, and honestly, I couldn’t figure it out.”

Report: Soros to Make Millions from Collapse of UK Construction Giant (Breitbart.com)
Billionaire speculator George Soros, the man who ‘broke the Bank of England’, is believed to be in line to make millions from the collapse of the United Kingdom’s second-biggest construction firm. Carillion, which also manages facilities such as prisons and 50,000 homes for military personnel through public sector contracts, went into liquidation on Monday.

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